Rebrand or Reposition?


Putting aside rebranding projects due to mergers, acquisitions or major restructuring, many businesses are faced with stark market signals that it’s time to revitalise or reengineer their business approach and customer focus. This realisation can become more quickly apparent in tougher economic times, within vulnerable or very competitive market segments.

This can leave business leaders without much time to react or grapple with the implications of how best to remodel their brand. For businesses in a more stable market position, a realignment of branding can be planned in concert with any future business and marketing goals and thus extreme changes of direction are less likely required.

In either case, a strong strategic approach is recommended to allow your business and brand to evolve to the next level, reaching out to new customers while still engaging with your traditional customer base. This strategic approach will inform the decision to either rebrand or, in a more low-key way, revitalise your brand by repositioning it.

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It’s all in the brief


When it comes to getting the most from any design project, there’s one simple secret: A good brief.

Doing a little extra preparation on your brief for the designer is time well spent, because at the end of the day, design is not about drawing – it’s about thinking. Once the thinking is done, an effective design is the natural result.

But wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves..

Design is a creative solution to a practical problem. That means you need to make sure we understand what you want to achieve, so that we can make sure the final product really works for you, to help you succeed.

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